School Projects I had to do:

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So, I still have school, how depressing lol. I will post updates when summer comes. But in the meantime, I will just post school projects I had to do. And this website isnt special. Feel free to ignore but if my school sees this feel free to read all of the stuff I had to write.

Oh well, heres one!:


Mobile phones made our lifes easier.

Imagine it's the 1980s right now, what would you have? Smartphones? Modern computers? Cool stuff? No. You had


Imagine how people communicated during the 80s or the 90s. You had the telegram, telephones (The janky ones!), Computers (The white and big kind!) and fax machines. Yup these were to choices to communicate with other people. Until the 2000s came with the Y2K bug and new phones! With Internet! (To be honest it was a pretty new this in the 2000s, especially the internet.)

Mobile phones mady everyone happy, not only there are fun things to download with it, it will save your life in some situations.

And if phones disappeard, I bet that kids that steal their moms phones will be crying, but the adult kind of group? They would worry but realize, they still have a literall computer at home.

So, in conclusion... Mobile phones made us better and because of smart guys out there, the big brains of the world, thank those people for making the internet and basically anything technologic.


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Whew! that was a big one. Well, of course it was a big one. I have to write 150-200 words! But since I like writing so much I might have passed that goal. I haven't still checked but this will do for now.